Better by Design/Build

As a design/build firm, MT Design provides its clients with a single source for all design and construction needs. We are responsible for the entire project from concept to completion. Our in-house design and construction teams work in concert to maximize communication, minimize confusion and keep the entire project on the fast track to completion.

We believe the design/build concept provides the quickest and most cost effective construction method possible. It is far better than the common practice of hiring a separate architectural, engineering and construction firm which places the overall responsibility for the project on the client. Experience has shown that distressing difficulties and setbacks often arise from the dissimilar business practices, individual goals and diverse communication systems of the various independent companies.

With the design/build approach, our architects, engineers, consultants and construction managers work as a team to ensure proper project budgeting, project qualifications, coordination and scheduling. The entire MT Design staff of experienced personnel is totally dedicated to moving your project efficiently through our 7-step process:

1. Initial Design and Consultation
2. Preliminary Design and Client Approval
3. Construction Documents
4. Plan Submittal
5. Project Cost Estimate and Breakdown
6. Construction Commencement and Build-Out
7. Post Construction Work (As-Build Drawings, Lien Releases and Warranty Certification

Whether you are looking for a design/build company or a company to handle just the designing or just the construction, contact MT Design to find out more about how our company can add significant value to your next project.